About Phos

Phos, short for phosphorus is the striking agent of a match. It ignites the flame and warmth of a match stick and is often the red or white you see at the end of a match. 

Matches hold a special place in our lives. They remind us of our grief and growth. A flame can signify keeping ourselves lit and making sure that we take care of ourselves in all phases. Low, high, sad, happy, numb, still. 

We, the creators like many others are diagnosed with depression and anxiety and to us, Phos allows us to share with you what comes out of our highs and lows. 

Skylar and Hannah are sisters, Lansing locals, and the creators behind Phos. 

Skylar is an esthetician by day and creates seed bead jewelry, wire wrapped rings, and clay pieces by night.

Hannah creator guitar pick jewelry, matchbook creations, and art pieces of different mediums by day and is a social worker by night!